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5 Great Ways to Motivate Yourself

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Motivation is a key to success. If you are a motivated person, then you will very likely be success in everything you do. In fact, research shows that motivation is the key behind the expert minds. People who are motivated will be very successful in their learning process. And so will in other areas of life.

The problem is, it’s not easy to be motivated, let alone be motivated for the whole day. There are times when challenges and problems strike us and make us feel bad. Or maybe there is no real problem, but we just feel that our energy level is low throughout the day.

Well, don’t let this happens. Be motivated and energized throughout the day ! Here is how:

  1. Rise early
    I don’t know about you, but for me, rising early is a kind of magic. It makes me feel more enthusiastic and energized throughout the day. Maybe it’s because by rising early I can start the day fresh without having to rush on everything. I would have more time to be prepared mentally and physically to face the day.
  2. Pick “quote of the day”
    Pick your favorite quote in the morning and keep it in mind throughout the day. Of course, the quote should be something that motivate and inspire you. Then speak out the quote to yourself throughout the day, especially when you think that you need extra motivation. This way, it will be easier to get rid of negative thoughts because you always have something positive to say to yourself.
  3. Find the positive side of everything
    One main cause for losing motivation is thinking negatively about the events which are happening to us. Every time you think negatively about something, you actually lose a part of your energy. Do it for the whole day and you will feel very exhausted and even intimidated.
    So find the positive side of everything. There must be something positive we can get from everything that happens to us. If your effort end up in failure for example, then you know that you can learn something from it. And learning is a positive thing. If you must do something boring, just think of a useful thing you can get from it. There is always positive side on everything, so focus on it and not the negative one.
  4. Focus on giving
    Contributing to others is always motivating. It works for me. I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because by doing so I become less focused on my own problems. It doesn’t mean that I run from the problems, it just means that the problems seem less daunting and intimidating. Why ? Because I’m not just thinking about myself.
    Also, there is something about giving that gives you extra happiness. Brighten someone else’s life today and somehow your life will also be brightened.
  5. Decide to be a winner
    It is your decision that makes the difference between winning and losing. Nothing can make you lose if you don’t allow it to do so. So decide to be a winner. If you decide to be a winner then you will be tough and brave when facing all challenges throughout the day. You will not let problems overcome you. Instead, you will go out and conquer those problems ! You are the winner, so who can resist you ?
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