Thursday, January 4, 2007

10 Ways To Access The Power Source

1) The Power of Life is accessed by slowing down, coming to a halt, and experiencing the full-tilt boogie of the present moment where all the action is!! Enjoy the moment at hand, for it’s the only time there is

2) This is where God is found, and joy, love, patience, kindness and compassion–by following your breath throughout the day and in moments of deep meditation.

3) You insult your Power Source by failing to strive for excellence. Strive for excellence by consciously becoming a better person than you were yesterday. Look over your past life and remember all of your successes. Whatever your circumstances, use the past as a rich source, searching out all the triumphs and accolades. When you search for what went wrong, then you are blind to what went right, so the past only mirrors the shortcomings you now face.
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5 Easy Ways To Control Your Portions

(NAPSI)-I was no exception when it came to gaining the "freshman 15." It took me several years to lose the weight on a program that is based on portion sizes. Even today, I automatically think about portion size whenever I eat.

Portion control is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, but controlling portions can be hard to do. Dr. Barbara Rolls, a Penn State University researcher and author of "The Volumetrics Eating Plan," shares her favorite methods for controlling how much to eat:

1. Choose foods with a high water content, such as fruits, vegetables, broth-based soups, low-fat milk and yogurt, and a flakelike cereal served with milk. You can enjoy a bigger portion because high-water foods are relatively low in calories. Read more

10 Ways To Save And Make More Money In Business

Success or failures of businesses primarily depend on the marketing strategies deployed. Devising correct marketing strategies are important for expansion of any business. Only those products that are marketed well sell in the market. They sell because their promoter has done his groundwork well. Listed below are the tips that would enable small business owners to plan their marketing strategies well so that they rock the market, eliminating the need to outsource such work, which is costlier.
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15 new ways to use Google Search

All the below mentioned features can be used on a single page called Googleall.

1.Google Lists All the Facts

When you’re looking for hard facts, Google might be able to help. Yes, Google always returns a list of sites that match your specific query, but if you phrase your query correctly—and are searching for a fact that Google has pre-identified—you can get the precise information you need at the top of the search results page. What types of information are we talking about? Fact-based information, such as birthdates, birthplaces, population, and so on. All you have to do is enter a query that states the fact you want to know. For example:

To find the population of San Francisco, enter population san Francisco.
To find where Mark Twain was born, enter birthplace mark twain.
To find when President Bill Clinton was born, enter birthday bill clinton.
To find when Raymond Chandler died, enter die raymond chandler.
To find who is the president of Germany, enter president germany.
The answers to these questions are displayed at the top of your search results page. You get the precise answer to your question, according to the referenced website. Click the associated link to learn more from this source.
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