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5 Ways to Make Money Online

Make money from home, who wouldn’t want to do that? It’s an attractive idea. It’s a great idea. It’s the new way to earn. If the idea of wanting to make money from home has crossed your mind, you are not alone. Thousands of people around the world are sick of their jobs and looking for work at home opportunities. Stay at home Moms, such as myself, are looking for ways to make extra money from home so they can spend more time with their children and at the same time, contribute to the household finances. College students are looking for ways to create income so that they can have extra money as they go to school.

Learning how to make money from home is one of the best things you can do. There are many benefits you can enjoy by making money at home. It is a rewarding experience and one that is worth the time and effort.

The first critical step to make money from home is to start with a good idea. The best way to do this is to sit down and identify what it is you're passionate about. Do you have a special talent, such as playing a musical instrument? Are you a great cook? Do people always come to you for advice on how to fix things? What are your hobbies and interests? If you stop and think about it, any one of these can be turned into a profitable product for you to create and sell. Remember, the number one thing people use the Internet for is to look up information. So the best way to make money from home is to give the people what they want by having your own website, centered around your own products, hobby or interests.

If, after brainstorming, you still can’t think of something to create and turn into a product to sell online, don’t despair. There are many ways to make money online. Here are just a few:

1. eBay - One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money from home is with eBay. You can sell anything you want, from stuffed toys, old clothes your family has outgrown or never worn, to computer peripherals to a recipe book written by you. Clean out your garage and closets and you’re sure to find things you want to get rid of. Remember the old saying, ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.’

2. Affiliate Marketing – Don’t have a product of your own to sell? Then try selling someone else’s. How many times have you recommended a product or service to a family member or friends and they went out and bought it? We do that all the time, right? Now imagine doing that on the Internet only this time you won’t be recommending something to a few people. With the power of the Internet, you can recommend products to the entire world, if they have an Internet access that is. With Affiliate Marketing companies pay you for referrals that result in a sale or lead. Joining affiliate programs is one of the "free ways to make easy money" on the net. It's very easy to get started.

3. Paid Surveys - Another easy way to make money from home is filling out Paid Surveys on your computer. I have done this myself so I know it works. The only downfall to this is that you have to have a lot of time to dedicate to this. Some surveys are 20 minutes or longer and will pay you anywhere from $2 to up to $100, although I have never been lucky enough to qualify for a $100 survey. I don’t have a lot of spare time to dedicate to this so I choose to spend most of my time being an Affiliate Marketer, selling on eBay, and creating products to sell. I make more money doing that than filling out Paid Surveys. If you are still interested in making money with Paid Surveys by all means feel free to do so. Just keep in mind the time involved and the fact that you will make money, but you may not make lot of money doing it.

4.Stock Photography - One easy way to make money from home is by using your photos. Stock photography is very big right now. Many companies and large corporations need pictures they can use on their website or brochures. They will pay Stock Photography Companies a lot of money for quality photos. Some corporations even create software that have pictures in it, such as Print Artist, Print Shop, Sierra Utilities and other software programs. Stock photography companies will pay you even more when a company uses your picture in software programs because they have to purchase a special license, which means more money in your pocket. So if you have a digital camera and can take good pictures, visit these Stock Photography websites to get an idea of the kind of pictures they need. This is easy money doing something that doesn’t even seem like work.

5.Homemade Videos - Another great way to make money from home is to create interesting home made videos. Do you know how to play the piano? If so, create a video showing people who to play. Piano lessons can be expensive and the instructor has to leave when their time is up. With a video your customers can watch and learn any time they want. You can make Homemade Videos on so many different topics such as; recipes, how to build your own computer, how to cut hair, how to train your dog to do tricks, how to lift weights properly, how to use a certain software program and many more topics. I personally know someone who creates videos showing people how to use a certain software program and he makes a lot of money selling the video tutorials. Put your mind to work and think of something you can create.

There are actually thousands of ways to make money at home working online. I’ve only listed five of the ways I make money. I could have listed more but then I would have written a novel instead of an article.

There's no doubt about it, the best way to make money from home is to work for yourself using your home computer. You’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a computer so let it pay for itself by putting it to work for you. Why spend your entire life working for someone else, when you could work from home and be your own boss? Making money from home is the new way to earn a living.

I love money, especially when it comes easy. Let me give you a friendly warning though. The ideas I’ve listed on ways to make money are easy, but they do require a little bit of work on your part. Your success is going to be determined by how much you put into each program. Remember, if you pick something you enjoy, it will not seem like work at all.

How to Make Money Online with eBay, Yahoo!, and Google

To Your Success, Anna Allen

For more information on various ways to make money online go to: http://www.moneymakingresearch.com where you can find "honest" reviews, or visit her blogs at: http://moneymakingresearch.blogspot.com and http://wannamakemoneyonline.blogspot.com.

5 Ways to Make Money Quick and Easy

This is where the rubber meets the road. Traction is something we all lack when we are doing our research and ultimate field tests in the quest for our first million. More traction would be great whatever step in the ladder you are at.

We generally focus on helping fledgling millionaires in our work because it is the most rewarding and gives us the greatest bang for our buck. To see an individual go from clueless to savvy in a fortnight is a gratifying experience. When its our resources that helped that transformation, then its very satisfying indeed. So thats the area we focus on here. This is for people who need direction but have small resource capital to manufacture acceptable results.

So lets give you a little traction before you sieze your jets.

The following 5 strategies will give you the moves to take you to the first level. -A guy with a proven idea that can be replicated-

(An enviable position to be in)

1) Lets get this straight. Million dollar bank balances are numerical in nature. By that I mean a million bucks is not made up of 1 large million dollar bill. Its made up of exactly one million single's. Or to go to the lowest common denominator, its actually numerically made up of One thousand, million (or 1 billion) cents.

Make money fast and easy by thinking of money as numerical and therefore exponential. A dollar that you hold in your hand is the same as $1 million dollars. No difference at all. Its a seed that grows into a tree, then that tree spurrs more seeds. (I apolgize for the metaphor, but how else can we put this so you understand the nature of the reality as it is)

2) When you approach your 1 million dollar goal, you are biting off much much more then you can chew thinking about that million.

To make money fast and easy always think small. Refine, refine, refine. Then duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. Are you with me? Is this making sense? Make a simple little mouse trap, then make lots of mouse traps exactly the same way.

3) Find demand and supply into that demand.

To make money fast and easy, even before you think about "what" you will do, you are going to research demand. You will become an expert at sniffing out needs. This skill is a millionaires bow and arrow. Let me tell you, most millionaires couldn't hit the side of a barn much less the bulls eye. But they DO know this. So their aim is not important. What is important is that the target is nice and gigantic. How can they miss?

Trust me, its what millionaires do, its how millionaires think. Always supply into Fat juicy demand where the pickin is easy. Do you want medals of bravery or a million bucks asap?

4) Have a structure you never deviate from.

They always failed to plan when they planned to fail. Once your research is done never deviate from it. Give it a good run but if it doesnt work out for you then move on without shedding a single tear. Chance and "chaos theory" are fascinating things. Probability is what millionaires deal with. They never delude themselves into believing in absolutes.

To make money fast and easy, you will not work backwards or second guess yourself. Plant yourself firmly in the middle of the road on the high side and go forward. Don't make it up as you go. Stick to what your demand planning told you to do. Many give up after 1 failure, but probability is a funny thing. We think we can control it, but even when all your ducks are lined up in a row, it may not work. But give it a chance and let it prove itself and you may find over a number of attempts you will get the results you expected.

5) Diversify AND Go deep.

They call out diversify when it comes to investing. Fair enough. Things change and relying on just one source for your income stream is dangerous. And it is. But there are two sides to every coin.

The pareto principle states that reality and probability are stacked unevenly. We as rational human beings think of everything as equal and even. However scientific evidence and business experience tells a different story. The pareto principle is also known as the 80/20 rule. It states that 80% of your results comes from 20% of your activities. Is this significant if true? You bet. It means that of every effort you make, of all the many things you do to manufacture your results, only 20% actually is responsible for a large proportion (in fact 80%) of them.

So what does this mean in English? It means you can easily quadruple your results by finding out what that special 20% activity is and stop doing everything else. By focusing on just that 20% activity you will not only increase results, but you will create a new pareto principle refined of the old one at a higher level. In this way you move forward and evolve your activities to higher and higher levels.

To your health and rapid success.

The Millionaire Maker: Act, Think, and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do

Jack Reynolds was a broke Insurance salesman only 2 years ago, today he owns assets valued at several million dollars. What did he do in 24 short months? You can read about Jack's remarkable and rapid transformation and download Hayden's famous book "The Million Dollar Mentor" by clicking here.


1. Take it one step at a time

Start by paying attention to what you eat. Cut back on fat and sweets and add more fruit and vegetables. After you have that under control, add exercise. If you hate to exercise try it for only 15 minutes a day at first, then a 1/2-hour. Keep in mind that while you are exercising you are burning calories and not eating. Also, it will be easier if you chose an activity that you enjoy.

2. Find a friend

It is always good to have support when you are trying to lose weight. Find a friend who wants to lose weight and compare notes, weigh-in together and maybe even have a contest.

3. Use weights

Working out weights will build muscle and raise your metabolism so you will burn more calories. Also, muscle takes up less space than fat so you will be smaller ( but probably weigh more).

4. Eat fewer carbs

Don't eat as much bread and pasta and you will see a difference.

5. Set a goal

Set a deadline to lose the weight and write it down. For example, ' By Dec 14/04 I will weigh 150 lbs or less'. Put it somewhere you will see it daily.

6. Give up soda

If you drink a soda or 2 a day you are adding empty calories. If you find it hard to stop completely, cut back at first and drink water instead.

7. Grill or boil

Avoid fried meat, grill and use lots of spices. You will get used to it and probably enjoy it more.

8. Don't buy junk food

When you go shopping, don't go on an empty stomach and you will be less likely to buy junk food. Keep your home 'junk food free' so you won't be tempted to indulge.

9. Eat breakfast

Consume most of your calories early in the day and always eat breakfast. Don't eat after 8pm and not only will you avoid those added calories but you will sleep better.

10. Give yourself a treat

When you tell yourself that you can't have something you want it more. Give yourself a treat once a day ( ie. half a cookie) and you won't feel you are missing out.

11. Use smaller plates

Trick yourself into believing that you are eating more by using a smaller plate.

12. Drink lots of water

Drink water when you are feeling hungry and you will get that 'full' feeling.

13. Don't eat everything on your plate

Many times we eat just because it's there. Pay attention to when you have had enough.

14. Eat five or six meals a day

Eating more frequently will keep you from getting too hungry.

15. Plan your workout sessions

Write your workout sessions in your journal or planner.

16. Stay away from fad diets

Fad diets don't work. If you lose weight fast chances are that you will gain it back ( and more) just as fast. It takes time to put it on and time to take it off.

17. Do several body weight workouts a day

While you are watching TV do crunches and leg lifts.

18. Measure your food

If you decide to have junk food for a snack - be sure to measure and control what you eat.

19. Keep pre-cut vegetables

...and ward off those cravings.

20. Create Good Habits

It is a known fact that when we do something twenty-one times it becomes a habit. Create good eating habits.

Source: http://qualityherbalformula.blogspot.com/

20 Easy Ways to Advance Your Career


To survive and thrive in today's competitive environment, it is not just what you know. You also need to be competent. You must stand out from the crowd - be memorable, impressive, credible, trusted and liked.
"Success is never a destination - it is a journey."- Maya Sullivan

1. Exceed expectations; deliver results on a or head of time.

2. Manage your time effectively.

3. Create a career plan with goals and training requirements.

4. Move away from day-to-day operations.

5. Develop strong rapport with colleagues, senior managers/executives.

6. Get a mentor, accept guidance in your career.

7. Know your organization's goals vision, values, business strategies.

8. Create opportunites to further own/business goals.

9. Solicit feedback and assess the decision for purposes of continuous improvement.

10. Communicate effectively to people at all levels of your organization.

11. Build and maintain relationships with individuals who might impact your work.

12. Plan, prioritize and organize your work.

13. Manage own emotions and reactions.

14. Balance the demands of your personal and professional life.

15. Give yourself quarterly reviews, identify your accomplishments.

16. Become your own sales team, market your abilities.

17. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning.

18. Be decisive and action oriented.

19. Commit to excellence and professionalism.

20. Be self-disciplined.

Career Opportunities

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Cecile Peterkin is a trained Career/Life Coach and speaker whose work centers primarily on middle managers and their various challenges. She also works with individuals who are ready to move forward, take action, achieve goals and experience overall life improvement, both in personal and in career.

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