Saturday, December 30, 2006

10 ways to have an Active Mind

1) Read more & take part in mentally challenging activities. Usually morons have an innate
prejudice towards reading. It’s of course, a well earned inferiority complex. Grow up, idiot.

2) Watch TV.Well, it may sound naïve and against conventional wisdom.But, I have found television as a highly educative medium. Mostly people classify it as a passive activity. Doesn’t it keep people more informed and let those creative juices flowing? Come on, look at younger generation kids. Look at their parents. Ask yourself. Well, if they aren’t that different, let’s figure out ways to force their parents to let them be so.a Read more

3) Use memory aids. Mnemonics are extremely helpful in improving ones memory power. Believe me; it can even help you memorize large chunks of digits –thousands of them. It involves linking items to a series of visual images which help you recall what you you need keep in your mind.

4) Improve your vocabulary. One’s sophistication of thoughts can easily by assessed by his ability to handle words with fluency and imagination. I hope you share my opinion. If you don’t, consult a psychiatrist. Inferiority complex is a terrible thing. It can kill you. Please, do it for yourself.

5) Read good specialized magazines. Surf the web daily on a wide range of topics. Join & read forums and blogs that propagate a view point which is different from that of yours. Think over it. Post your comments. Debate with yourself. If you think arguments are a weak man’s weapon, read my blog on arguments. I tell you, it’s a well articulated blog. You can start from there!

6) Work on your vocabulary by playing word games. Try concocting metaphors.

7) Whatever your career aspirations are, write at least a few pages daily. It’ll help you a long way. Write your dairy on a daily basis. Start blogging. It can easily be a good source of income if you put in the time and effort necessary.

8) Broaden your horizons. Look through books and pieces of art which you aren’t that familiar with. Write on what you feel.

9) Listen to music. Visualize what you’re hearing.

10) If you’re in a train, classroom or work place, just look around. Weave a story around people you see based on their expressions and behavior. Be careful not to laugh out loud as I do. In most probability they will take you to a psychiatrist. She’ll give you a set of pills which will take the life out of you.

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