Thursday, January 4, 2007

10 Ways To Access The Power Source

1) The Power of Life is accessed by slowing down, coming to a halt, and experiencing the full-tilt boogie of the present moment where all the action is!! Enjoy the moment at hand, for it’s the only time there is

2) This is where God is found, and joy, love, patience, kindness and compassion–by following your breath throughout the day and in moments of deep meditation.

3) You insult your Power Source by failing to strive for excellence. Strive for excellence by consciously becoming a better person than you were yesterday. Look over your past life and remember all of your successes. Whatever your circumstances, use the past as a rich source, searching out all the triumphs and accolades. When you search for what went wrong, then you are blind to what went right, so the past only mirrors the shortcomings you now face.
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