Monday, February 19, 2007

3 Great Ways to Lose Those Extra Pounds Without Exercise

Irrespective of how much weight you may desire to lose, you have likely ran into the same confusing events everybody else does. That is, should you reduce your calories? Should you reduce your fat? Should you cut back or do away with your carbohydrate consumption? Many of us get so mixed-up by all the contrasting information accessible out there, we desire to know if it would be easier to just stop eating.

If you don't previously know this, not eating can hurt you. Sure you can technically get all the nutrition you require simply by the consumption of juices or consuming vitamins, but your health will decline. Especially if you do this for long intervals of time. The trouble is not really that there are so many ideas on weight loss, the problem is that all of these ideas work. Starting a juice fast will help you lose weight. But like I mentioned before, your well-being will suffer. In some instances it could suffer seriously.


Decreasing your calorie intake likewise will work. The body uses a certain number of calories in any day, so consuming less than you are using will make you drop some weight. The trouble many individuals face with this plan regrettably though, is they are hungry day in and day out. Today foods do not keep many of us full and stuffed for very long, but they hold quite a lot of calories. So eating 3 simple meals that have 500 calories each will give us a total of 1500 calories for the day. This is rather low for many men and women, but it will help you lose weight. Alas the three meals you select to eat might not gratify you, so you wind up more hungry than not.

You could eat 5 meals with just 300 calories each and that will help quite a bit. You are not waiting so long between meals, resulting in not feeling quite as famished in the process. Be cautious with your meal selections when doing this route because as I have said, our current meals are not really low in calories. In reality, most quick refreshments are near 250 calories all by themselves.


Let's forget the calorie intake and cut the fat. Well, many still think this is the most beneficial way to use, and many do discover weight loss when they eliminate fat from their diets. The negative side though, is that eating foods with little or no fat will make you hungrier than eating foods just on calorie totals.

Eating fat helps fill you up and keeps that feeling of being satisfied for a longer period. Even worse than that, foods lacking fat tends to have more fillers like sugar and starch. Sugars and starches are handled by your body promptly, so you are more hungry again faster. Most folks make the error of believing as long as they are not eating fat, they can consume non-fat foods anytime they would like. In actuality, they are filling up on too many calories and too much non-healthy foods.

Having said that, of course there are fats you should control in your diet. They are regarded to be the dreadful fats, and are known as saturated fat or trans fats. consuming too many of these kinds of fat can bring about health problems and weight problems.


Now let us check the low carb issue. Many people think they should do away with carbs completely, but that's not a smart action either. Many of your healthy fruits and vegetables have at least a few carbs in them. So a better action is to restrict your carb intake instead of attempting to eradicate them completely.

In reality, you should attempt to select healthy good carbs in lieu of simple ones. You can still restrict the total number of carbs you take daily, make certain to eat those that are good for you like what you discover in vegetables or cheese.

This may sound strange, but a lot of people are able to eat as much food as they want as long as they are restricting their carbohydrate intake. In actuality, many people eat 3500 calories or more each and every day, but as long as they are limiting the carbs, they can still reduce their weight. The explanations are many but they are quite uncomplicated. Eliminating simple sugars, starches and carbs from your meals will control your body's insulin output. And it will pressure you to consume alternative foods, food which will fill you up better and longer.

Strange as it may seem, all of these usual attacks to to lose weight work together. And they work best when you eliminate the simple starches and sugars from your diet. Reducing your carbs to a low amount for just a couple days will stamp out your cravings for sweets, but it also cuts your appetite. Finally, you really eat much less calories totally, as you are not hungry much and you are not getting hit with sugar desires. So a low carb diet will convert to a low calorie diet over a period of time.

The same pertains to low fat diets. If done right, you could see yourself eating more fiber rich foods to aid you to feel full longer. Also foods which are naturally more superior in fiber are also naturally lower in carbohydrates and calories.

It all comes down to eating correctly. Select healthy fats and healthy carbs, plus get rid of simple starches and sugars, and you most likely will lose the extra weight. Just a suggestion, go one step further and get involved with an exercise program.

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