Tuesday, January 23, 2007

20 Ways to Improve Your Life and Health

Perhaps one of the best things I have done is sat down almost everyday and thought out ways of improving my life, and improving my general thought structure. Sometimes I even like to write down my thoughts, and especially lately - maintaining a positive outlook has been an important factor in maintaining my sanity.

  1. Make sure you get something productive done every single day, even if it is just a small thing - the small things add up.
  2. Get some physical exercise at least three days a week. Exercise is something that, especially in various parts throughout the United States, is often neglected! Push your limits when you can, and also experiment with different physical exercise routines to see which ones work best for you. Persist in working to improve your body.
  3. Start a journal and record your daily thoughts. Try to write down as much of what you’re thinking everyday as possible, even if some of the details seem asinine, or insignificant.
  4. Take a look at your finances at find a way to improve upon them. Cut any expenses possible and devise a plan to earn more money.
  5. Get enough sleep. While a common rule of at least 8 hours per night holds true with many people, everyone is different. Some people function with 10 or 12 hours much better, and medical journals and magazines have been raving about sleeping in for years; sleep is not a bad thing. But do not oversleep, of course, and do not let sleep interfere with your daily functioning.
  6. Try something new as often as possible. Don’t give yourself a heart attack or anything, but try to step outside of your comfort zone whenever and where ever the situation permits. Try new things!
  7. Be optimistic! Positive thinking is directly linked to good physical and mental health. Those who are optimistic are generally thought to live longer than those who are cynical - so think positive!
  8. Find someone to love. Those who are married statistically live longer than those who have lived the majority of their life alone. A long term relationship not only adds depths to your emotional intelligence and existing personality, but it is shown that in terms of your biological, neurological, and physical development, having someone to love and be with for the majority of your life is beneficial to your health!
  9. Read a book a week or more! Reading is pushed on kids everywhere, and for good reason. Those who hold more education hold better jobs, better health, and live happier lives. Read as much as you can about as much as you can. If you have children, get them started early in reading and try to facilitate them getting into the habit of it. Don’t just read fiction - dive into the world of real, factual knowledge about a topic that fascinates you. Become an expert.
  10. Change and monitor your diet. Improving your health means watching what you eat. Look into how different foods and components of food affect your mind and body. Is the Atkin’s Diet safe? What about the medication you’re taking? Are vegetarians more healthy or less healthy because of their no-meat diet? Find out the facts and do your own research!
  11. Get a hobby if you do not already have one. A lot of people already have hobbies, and a lot of people don’t. If you do not have one, get one! Those who have hobbies are being more intellectually stimulated than those who do not have them, as they are keeping themselves active and occupied. Hobbies don’t just have to be things like scrap books or photography, they can be all kinds of things! Just as long as you enjoy it, it’s fun, and it keeps you moving - it is a good thing to have.
  12. Get off whatever drugs you can. Drugs are not just the illegal drugs you hear about like marijuana or cocaine, drugs are the everyday medications we’re taking, and even the medications we’re buying over the counter from the local store. Do research on whatever it is you often take, and if there is any way to avoid taking the medication that does not cause you to suffer any negative symptoms, then get off the medication when you can! The body is meant to heal itself, not have pills do it.
  13. Hold back on the TV, or quit television all together. Some people I know are personally terrified to quit watching TV - they think it will be the end of the world or something. My suggestion is that you try it and see what it might do for you. For 30 days, lay off television and see what happens as a result. Take all the time you spend watching TV and hit the town - go meet new people, get involved in other activities, or read. Your perspective, even within a very short period of time, may dramatically change as a result, and your brain will thank you.
  14. Limit the music you listen to when driving. If you drive a car, limit the amount of music you listen to from both radio stations or any kind of audio player. Turn it all off, and drive in silence during a time when you’re relaxed, and alert. Listen to the sounds of the road, experience the thoughts that will run through your mind, note how your emotional state can change.
  15. Get over your old romantic relationships. If you’re obsessing or stressing over a break up that happened a long time ago, forget the past! Think about the now, and look into the future. If you must absolutely think about the old relationship, take a moment to note the happy times you had and then let the rest go, and move on. Continuing to think about something you no longer have is either leading your actions toward a distorted direction or keeping you in a downed emotional state. Either way it isn’t very beneficial. Forget the old person and find a new person or even enjoy being single!
  16. Take the time to have fun. Having fun is important, and anyone who says otherwise is probably not a very happy person! Do you want happiness? Then make some time, everyday, to have at least a little bit of fun.
  17. Give up coffee and energy drinks. An occasional cup o’ java is okay in my book sometimes, but most of the time, I suggest you lay off the caffeine and other natural stimulants. The energy drinks can also be very unhealthy, so watch what you’re consuming in the mornings; it affects the entire rest of your day and long term future. Stick to taking a multivitamin, eating right, and getting enough exercise to maintain your energy level.
  18. Stay social. Continue to meet new people, and keep improving the relationships with the ones you’re already with! If that means going to church, volunteering with a community group, or even getting involved in a discussion with a complete stranger in the middle of a bookstore - just stay social, and try to be outgoing and friendly with everyone you meet and talk to.
  19. Follow the golden rule. Give out and you shall receive back. The more you give out, the more you’re saying to the environment around you, “I have enough,” and you’ll find the rest of the things in your life responding to that message in a positive way.
  20. Read DirtyMechanism.com. It might be a funny name, but this is a site I have dedicated to using my personal experiences to aid your growth and development. And don’t just read my site, stay involved in reading as much as you can with other self growth and personal development resources. Keep reading books from your local library, bookstores, and other websites.

Follow these 20 tips, and continue to branch out even more in your journey for self exploration and you just may land on your feet!

Source: http://www.dirtymechanism.com/index.php/20-ways-to-improve-your-life-and-health/

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