Wednesday, January 24, 2007

15 ways for successful family life

The family life is like a heaven as per Vedas (divine sacred books). Family is the foundation for the well being of the society. If every home has to become a heaven- the wife and husband should observe certain norms.

How to turn your home into a heaven:

1. They should be righteous and behave lovely.

2. They should behave courteously with each other.

3. Wife and husband are like two wheels of a cart. Unless the wheels move coordinately, the cart can not move smoothly.

4. Their mind should be pure and blameless.

5. Their character and conduct should be perfect.

6. They should be honest and have good consciousness.

7. There should be discussions in their homes on spirituality and knowledge. Children keenly observe the behavior of their parents from their childhood.

8. They should not be separated. They should not think about taking divorce. They should support each other through thick and thin.

9. Both should feel happiness and get mental peace by their good behavior.

10. Husband should cooperate with the wife in keeping house clean. As is wife; so is their house.

11. They should be like parrots (i.e. move together and live together).

12. If there is no love and attachment in that house- the house is like a hell. Parents are the first teachers and the teachers are the second parents to their children.

13. Devotion towards GOD and Almighty is highly necessary in parents. The devotion towards GOD should become hereditary in that family. Strong belief in the existence of GOD does not allow the parents to commit wrong doings.

14. They should show keen interest in charitable activities depending upon their economical capacity.

15. The home= the house+ happiness. Otherwise it is a building with four walls. The heaven and the hell are not at far away places. They are in and around our home. We are the chief architects of our heaven and hell with egos and bad character.


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