Tuesday, December 12, 2006

5 Ways To Improve Your AdSense Earnings

There are undoubtedly some webmasters who are making a good living out of AdSense. However, there are many webmasters who are not achieving the levels of AdSense income that they had hoped. Is there a way we can learn from the successful webmasters?

Here are 5 proven ways used by webmasters to improve their AdSense earnings.

  1. Concentrate on the best performing format of AdSense ad.

    There are currently twelve different formats which webmasters can use for their AdSense ads. From research, the one format that works well for the majority of websites is the Large Rectangle (336X280). This same format also appears to result in higher CTR (click-through rates).
  2. Blend the AdSense ads into the website.

    It is recommended that you blend AdSense ads into your site by appropriate us of colors. For example, if your site has a white background, use white as the color of your ad border and background. The idea is to make the AdSense ads look like they are part of the web page. It has been found that this approach results in more clicks from people visiting your site.
  3. Place AdSense near the top of the page.

    It is advised that you place AdSense ads where they can be seen quickly by site visitors. Therefore it is suggested that AdSense ads appear at or near the top of the page. AdSense placed at the bottom of the page, almost as an afterthought, appear to attract very little click activity.
  4. Place images near to your AdSense ads.

    Images placed near to AdSense text ads has been shown to have a dramatic effect on click-through rates. CTR improvements of several hundred percent have been recorded by using this device. It is thought that the image attracts the eye in a similar way to a photo in a newspapers draws the reader to the associated caption. Software is now available to make adding images to AdSense ads easy to implement.
  5. Automate the insertion of AdSense code.

    One approach of successful webmasters is to create AdSense sites with large numbers of pages. By saving AdSense HTML code in a text file, this can be called into other pages in the site by using SSI. This is a huge time saver if you are using automatic page generators to create AdSense sites.

These are some of the tips that have worked well for webmasters who have grown their AdSense income. A final tip is to ensure your site focuses on a specific topic or niche, as opposed to being too broad in its content. This will ensure that the AdSense ads shown on your pages are of direct interest to your page viewers, which in turn will result in better CTR.

Note that these tips can only be guidelines. As in every area of internet marketing, the number one tip is to test and monitor. Do try these tips on your AdSense sites, but make sure you monitor the results.

There is no doubt that the AdSense model is workable. And you can improve your AdSense earnings if you simply implement some of the tips outlined here.

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